Born outside of San Francisco/Silicon Valley and raised outside of Los Angeles/Thousand Oaks, Michael is an Actor/Dancer/Singer, an amateur Director/Playwright, and a technology enthusiast. Coming from an average-sized, anything but average family, he chose to defect from the most prominent family trades of engineering and law, unlike his very successful sisters. Although the book Raising Your Spirited Child was a frequent read for his parents, Michael grew up an excellent student and a social butterfly; he was voted "Most Congenial" in his senior-year yearbook. A firm believer in dog rescue and an active supporter of arts advocacy, Michael also enjoys a little friendly competition, especially when playing Scattergories(R) and other boardgames at family gatherings—a game which he hopes to someday play with a family of his own. If he hadn’t become an actor he would probably be in a bio-chemical engineering lab doing spot-on impressions of his high school Spanish teacher.